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International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference

Sweetland Center for Writing
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
June 23-26, 2016

Conference Theme: “Writing Across Difference”

Does writing across disciplinary differences risk writing over other kinds of differences? IWAC 2016 will focus on situating the cross-disciplinarity of WAC/WID within a pedagogy of inclusivity by asking how our pedagogy can broaden ideas of difference within and beyond the classroom to include social, cultural, linguistic, modal, and media differences, among others. In WAC/WID scholarship, writing ideally circulates among these differences, establishes connections and highlights points of conflict, and potentially situates WAC/WID scholars and teachers as agents of change. We welcome proposals that explore ways in which WAC/WID can promote a dialogue on difference and inclusivity and encourage representatives of different WAC/WID populations to offer their multiple voices and perspectives on WAC/WID today.

Questions participants might address include:
  • How does composing in different media, different languages or different modes intersect or interrogate disciplinary boundaries?
  • What role do social identity and social justice play in IWAC?
  • How might questions of difference and inclusivity influence curricular development?
  • What role do writing centers play in engaging difference and inclusivity?
  • What interdisciplinary approaches to teaching writing promote inclusivity?
  • Can interdisciplinary fields work as incubators for new multimodal forms of writing?
  • Are there differences among international conceptions and performances of IWAC?
  • How does difference contribute to our understanding of writing development and transfer?
  • How does writing in academic disciplines contribute to WAC/WID practices?
  • What new topics, methods, approaches to WAC/WID will help us think about difference and inclusivity in new ways?

Session Formats

Pre-conference Workshops
These three-hour sessions provide a highly interactive space for engaging participants in considering curricular approaches, developing action plans to address instructional dilemmas, practicing skills that facilitate WAC/WID pedagogy or sharing innovative approaches. Proposals should include session choreography and a set of participant outcomes. Proposal abstract: 350 words or less.
Panels or Roundtables
75-minute sessions consist of three to four 10- to 15-minute presentations or five to seven 5-minute statements or provocations linked around a single topic. At least 20 minutes should be allocated for discussion. Proposals should include a brief overview of the topic and each speaker’s role. Priority will be given to proposals that foreground interaction or exchange among panelists and/or audience. Proposal abstract: 350 words or less.
Individual Presentations in Search of a Panel
15-minute presentations will be combined with other individual submissions to create a coherent panel. Proposal abstract: 250 words or less.
Posters and installations display WAC/WID research and pedagogy in traditional or digital formats. Proposal abstract: 250 words or less.
5 X 10 Talks
Five slides, ten minutes. The 5 X 10 Talk is particularly well-suited for profiling institutional programs or drawing attention to a single issue or innovation. Proposal abstract: 250 words or less.
Deadline for submissions is October 12, 2015.


How to Submit a Proposal

First, go to the IWAC 2016 Proposal Submission site

Create an Account & Login


Click the New Users? Sign up here link. Follow the steps in the Sign Up Wizard.

Note: If another group member has already submitted a proposal and included you as a co-author, you will need to use the Forgot your password? link to have a password sent to your email address.


For your Contact Information, under Organization, use the name of your institution OR, if you are not associated with an institution, provide another relevant descriptor (e.g.,”independent scholar,” “freelancer,” etc.).


Upon completing all of the steps of the Sign Up Wizard, you will be redirected back to the Login Page.

Submit your Proposal


Click Create a new Paper Submission (disregard the term Paper, this is where your Proposal is submitted). Read the instructions for the Submission Form and complete.

Please note that participants may have a speaker role in only one concurrent session, but may serve as chairs or respondents in other sessions.


If others are involved in your proposed session, use the Add Author button to add them. You will need to provide their email address. If they are not yet registered in the system, you will quickly create an account for them by providing their Name and Organization in the box provided. Authors can be added and edited on your submission up until the submission deadline.


After completing your submission, we recommend sending a confirmation email to all authors.


Details of your submission can now be accessed in your Author Console. If you added additional authors to your submission, details of the submission will also appear in their Author Console. You or your co-authors can edit your submission up until the submission deadline by clicking the Edit or Paper Details links.

Clicking the “X” takes you through the process of deleting your submission. The Add Note link allows you to add a note to your submission. Unfortunately, Notes are only viewable by you and not co-authors.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.50.18 PM

Select your Role: will initially display as Author. If you chose to be a Reviewer in your Proposal Form, at a later date, an administrator will add you as a Reviewer and you will be able to switch to the Reviewer Console using this dropdown menu to access proposals assigned to you for reading.

Go to Console and Manage Submissions return you to the main Author Console.

View Conference Status shows Submission and Editing Deadlines, as well as features not used by this conference.

Manage Notes displays Notes you have added to a submission using the Add Note feature mentioned above. The Select Notes to Share feature does not work.

That’s it!


Still have questions?

Email conference organizers at iwac-2016(at) or leave a comment below.


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